Nazca Plains The Yellow Jock Chronicles : Jockstrap Branded Vol.2 by Matthew Schiffmann

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Originally one volume of four 'books, ' The Yellow Jock Chronicles is the memoir of a young man coming to terms with his own obsessions. The second in the series, Jockstrap Branded continues the obsession of jockstraps and watersports with leathermen and truckers, construction crews and the str8 guy next door...

Matt continues to explore his fetishes and takes you along as he grows and refines his own understanding of gay life and eroticism. From raw truckstop action to tender, personal relationships, jockstraps and watersports go into high gear in Jockstrap Branded. Dripping masculinity, the cum-splattered, piss-soaked action comes full-circle as Matt becomes the teacher, and passes the torch to a new generation.

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