Welcome to Doghouse Leathers

Curbside Pick-up begins May 8th!

This means that you can place an order online and pick it up at the Doghouse front counter.  Just select the “Curbside Pickup” when you are checking out your shopping cart.  Orders placed “Should” be ready for pick-up in 2 hours (don’t show up in 8 MINUTES!  boys, please work with us…) *Note – most of our Vendors have been closed too, so we are starting to run out of some products.

The front counter will be open Mon-Sat from 2pm-7pm only.  Please ring doorbell for entry and please observe safe practices.

May 8th marks our ONE Year Anniversary in this new larger store!  It is a good day to crack the door open a bit.   We are looking forward to re-opening the entire store next month.  Thanks for all the supportive notes that we have received. We appreciate your continued support.

Doghouse in the time Covid-19

“We are still HERE!!!”

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The doors might be closed but the community spirit is ever present. Many thank you’s and much love to local artist Katlyn Hubner for dressing up our shuttered shop. We hope it brightens your spirits as much as it has ours.

Take a minute and explore Katlyn’s on-line portfolio. HERE.

Update from Doghouse front lines.

With the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe Order, all nonessential business, like our shop, have been asked to close until… Well, we’ll let you know when we know. So, for the foreseeable future our brick and mortar location here in Seattle is closed.

We hear you, “But, Doghouse is essential!”, and we couldn’t agree more. But more essential to us is our fearless leader Daddy Jeff and his husband and partner Puppy, both folxs who fall into that category of “at risk” for Covid-19. It’s for them, our grandparents, lovers, and friends that we are all following these orders.

Daddy Jeff and Puppy in 2014

So, yes! We agree with you, we are essential. But we still have had to shut down our brick and mortar location here in Seattle for the duration of the Governor’s order.

But we are also adaptable!

Our website is up and running and it’s getting some much-needed TLC!

Daddy and Puppy, while observing social distancing, and a skeletal crew are busy keeping the online shop rolling. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each and every order placed on-line, your orders are ensuring we’ll be opening our doors on the other side of this event.

We’ve been proud to be a part of the Pike / Pine neighborhood for the past 14 years and we look forward to many more years in the neighborhood. Thank you all for helping make this possible.


You’ve got questions

and we’ve got answers!

You do and we want to answer them for you. Check out our new FAQ’s for all the answers we have… for right now.


But as always. If you don’t see the answer to your question please reach out to us through our “Contact Us”. You’ll get a response in 24 hrs, but many times in much less time then that.




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Orders will be processed and shipped daily.  We thank you for your patience and support!



We know you still have needs.

So for a limited time, we’ve added two new categories

for shipping within U.S. only (no military bases).

Cleaners and Supplements

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