The Yellow Jock Chronicles 1

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Originally one volume of four 'books, ' The Yellow Jock Chronicles is the memoir of a young man coming to terms with his own obsessions. Jockstraps, watersports, hot leathermen and uninhibited man-sex lead from college frat-house and locker-room action to truckstops and construction crews.

Jockstrap Epiphany (Volume One)'s testosterone-charged, piss-soaked action leads from his introduction to leather and watersports through a wild frat-party and group scenes. Tense and exciting, there are hot men, interesting characters and even hotter sex on just about every page. You're right there with Matt as he experiences the revelation of new fetish play; his headlong plunge into unbridled lust and watersports; his doubts and self-loathing; and the triumph of acceptance and self-awareness.

Introspective and subtle, Jockstrap Epiphany is a wild, engaging story of a journey into fetish life. Hot homo-erotic fiction on any level, it nonetheless presents watersports in a clear and enlightening way.

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