Nazca Plains The Wolf Chronicles by Alan Weyant

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A novel that runs the gamut from heavy S&M scenes that are not for the squeamish, to gentle romance, as two men embark on a journey into their emotions. Wolf, a long haired Amerindian/Latino boy struggles to gain the respect and love of his chosen master, by enduring a series of painful and even bloodthirsty tortures and torments, while coming to love his master.

Eric, a handsome blonde sadist, pushes his slave to the edge of his breaking point to see if he is the one man he has been looking for his entire life. Both men are forced to come to terms with their pasts as they grow closer together, from just a master and slave, to two men who truly are bound together for life. Confronting tragedy and triumph, master and slave gain respect for each other, as their relationship evolves and grows, from pain and pleasure, to true love.

The story contains graphic descriptions of the various tortures the slave has to endure, from whips and chains, to electricity and even fire.

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