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The Firm By Bill Smith
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The Firm
By Bill Smith

THE FIRM is Bill Smith’s quintessential novel on the most exotic aspects of homoerotic slavery. Forrest and David, long-time friends and business associates, are wealthy small time slave traders who are in the business as much for their own pleasure as for profit. But Mr. Broadley, CEO of THE FIRM, convinces both of them to take over the procurement division of a enormous global underground organization which specializes in the ‘top end’ of the slave market: the best looking, best trained, and always subservient properties reserved for the super-wealthy who can afford to own the very best. In their new position, the two entrepreneurs prove to be wildly successful and slowly learn all aspects of THE FIRM’s operations: the sources of slaves, how slaves are successfully trained, effective marketing of the end product, exactly what customers expect of their expensive new property and how to keep those customers happy. Under Mr. Broadley’s careful tutelage, Forrest and David meet every challenge thrown at them over the years, earning unbelievable commissions along the way, but, more importantly, the undying gratitude of THE FIRM’s Board of Directors. Readers claim: “Bill Smith just keeps getting better and better when it comes to creating an almost believable and most enjoyable fantasy;” “The story line and character developments are absolute tops for this genre;” “This author has an imagination that soars but it’s all so real you wouldn’t be surprised if you read about THE FIRM in tomorrow’s newspaper;” “The upper limits of exquisite homoeroticism.”

About the Author

Bill Smith is a prolific writer of homoerotic novels which receive critical acclaim for their tightly constructed plots, their believable characters, and their writing craftsmanship. Four books already available from Nazca Plains are “Bates Training Center,” “The Brazilian,” “Guiliano Imports,” and “The Marketplace.”