Tenga Geo

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TENGA GEO with three styles to choose from:
  • Coral – Elegant, Enveloping Pleasure
  • Glacier – Dynamic, Surging Pleasure
  • Aqua – Direct, Undulating Pleasure

How to use the TENGA GEO
The GEO is very simple and easy to use as well as featuring an easy to clean design. Here’s a brief breakdown of how to use your GEO sex toy.

Remove the outer case.
Remove the GEO and carefully invert the GEO
Make sure to lubricate the inside and the insertion point of the GEO
Insert and enjoy.
Once used, the product can be maintained by using the GEO casing which features a stand for hygienic cleaning and drying.

Carefully invert the GEO back to the original appearance to clean the interior. As the GEO features intricate details and shapes please be sure to clean thoroughly in these creases and lines.
Wash under running lukewarm water and mild/neutral soap.
Place the GEO back on the drying segment it was first displayed upon and, minus the clear casing, allow to air dry.


  • Size (D × W × H inches): 3.43 × 3.43 × 3.39
  • Insertion Length (inches): Stretches to approx. 6.69
  • Insertion Width (inches): Stretches to approx. 1.97
  • Weight (lbs): 0.46
  • Other Specs: Stretchable Material, Reusable, Sample Lubricant Included
  • Materials:
  • Casing: ABS, PC
  • Product: Elastomer