Nazca Plains Submission: Leather Masters and Slaves By Alex Ironrod

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Submission: Leather Masters and Slaves
By Alex Ironrod

In his usual captivating way, writer Alex Ironrod has once again found a way to involve the reader deep into the BDSM subculture. Tarquin sets out to please an advantageous committee of leather men that Paul finds himself deeply pleased to support. Both Characters learn striking lessons when submitting to powerful desires and stimulating motivators. Each man struggles to maintain a sense of self-worth while satisfying lust-love branded deep beneath a fleshy surface. Packed with alluring scenes of flagrant passion and blood curdling rage, topped with a powerfully unexpected twist you won't anticipate.

About the Author

Alex is the pen and play name of a mature Leatherman, who grew up in the North of England and has lived for many years in Southern California, principally Los Angeles and Palm Springs. His leather and boot fetishes go back many years, but only recently has he used them and his worldwide experiences for writing fiction and gay BDSM fiction at that.

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