Nazca Plains Primal Fear by Blade T. Bannon

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Why FEAR? Fear is gripping. It can paralyze. It can force people to do things they normally wouldn't do. Many are repulsed by it because of the trepidation it causes. It has many facets due to it's unique nature, therefore few choose to explore its depths. I can understand why. It awakens in us those primal forces that we've fought so hard to control or contain. Yet we all acknowledge it's there. If we're caught off guard, we know it can unexpectedly take control. For many, this thought frightens them most of all... However, there are other aspects to this ancient force. For some, it has the ability to excite or even arouse... so I decided to take a journey into it's deepest, darkest depths and share what I discovered. With that being said, I ask you to join me in the chapters that follow. For even in darkness, great discoveries can be made.

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