Nazca Plains My Ascent into Submission by Nick Williams

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Nick Williams is an exciting new name in the BDSM world. MY ASCENT TO SUBMISSION builds the erotic steps in one man's decision to give himself totally to the sexual demands of the Master he needs. The narrator, known only as "I", briskly tells the story of his physical transition from a lonely life in Northern California, after the death of his partner, to the fresh pleasures of a gay sex life in Palm Springs. But he cannot find the man with whom to forge a genuine connection. Until he meets SIR online.

Then the real struggle for control begins, reaching a full head of steam in their first weekend of sex and domination together.Nick Williams details his subsequent ascent in vivid, tight sentences, as he battles to form a relationship with this hard and demanding SIR, raising the violent and steamy temperature until the reader is almost as excited and as horny as "I" to succumb and succeed. - Alex Ironrod, author of LEATHER NIGHTS and the LEATHER MASTERS and slaves trilogy.

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