Bare Leatherworks Master Flogger

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These are Bare Leatherworks heaviest largest floggers, and they call it ’The Master Flogger’ (also known as a ’Mop Flogger’). This flogger will deliver an amazing thud over one’s entire back all at once and can literally knock the breath out of someone!

There are approximately:

  • 80 tails of Cow Hide, Rubber, which are 21 inches long.
  • 100 tails of Mule Deer or Elk which are 21 inches long.
  • 110 tails of Deer which are 21 inches long.
  • 63 tails of Bull hide, Buffalo or Moose which are 21 inches long.

The handle is 12 inches long and features our ProGrip™ rubber wrapped handle which is weighted and balanced.  The handle is long enough to grip it with 2 hands.

All materials are available in all black.

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