Bare Leatherworks Massage Flogger with ProGrip

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Bare Leatherworks Massage Flogger is a cross between a flogger and a slapper.

It has 2 inch extra wide tails (rather than the normal 1/2-inch-wide tails).  It has 6 cowhide tails total and can deliver either a thuddy feel if used with the flat side, or a stinging sensation if the edges of the tails are used. 

This Flogger handle is spirally rubber wrapped and is weighted and balanced for ease of use. The default handle style is Bare Leatherworks smooth style, but you can also order it with our ProGrip handle with raised ridges for a secure grip.

Full Size:

(6) 2" wide tails, 21" long    

handle 9" long

total length 30"


(6) 2" wide tails, 14" long    

handle 8" long

total length 21"


Standard color is all black.

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