Bare Leatherworks Cowhide Floggers

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These are Bare Leatherworks basic cowhide floggers. They use top grain cowhide for the tails (or falls) for the black color, and soft suede cowhide for the colored tails. They are easy to swing and can give either a thud or a sting depending on how hard the flogger is used.  The handle is weighted and balanced, making it great for long flogging sessions.

This Flogger comes with our ProGrip™ handle which is spirally rubber wrapped with a raised spiral ridge for a good grip even if your hands get wet or slippery.  The flogger is weighted and balanced for ease of use.

Full Size:

30 tails, 21" long, 1/2" wide

handle 9" long

total length 30"


24 tails, 13" long, 1/2" wide

handle 8" long

total length 21"

Handy Size:

20 tails, 8” long, 1/2" wide

handle 6" long

total length 14"


The tails are a soft all black cowhide, or black outer tails with some colored suede inner tails of red, blue, purple, green, pink, yellow. It’s your choice.

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