Updates with Uncle John 4/01/21 (No Joke)

Check it out Folxs,


Your Uncle John’s getting a wee bit better at this blogging deal. Don’t know why the let the worst speller out of the pack attack your literary nerves. But here I am, and I’ll keep the typos at a minimum.


First Up:


A reminder to all our guests. Please follow our clearly posted COVID guidelines. We hate barking “Sanitize Your Hands” as much as you hate hearing it. But it’s what we got to do. Same with keeping that mask up over your nose.

We also ask that all guests leave their bags at the front counter and all Food and Drink should be left outside the shop.

This stuff is clearly listed on our front door.

Our in-box is always open should you have any questions. [email protected]




This month’s sale is all about feeling that fresh and tidy in your hiney. 20% off all Clean Out gear. Just use the code: Clean Out at the checkout.


New Additions and In-Coming Shipments:


Flag Your Colors: Hankies, Bandanna’s, Snot Rags, whatever you want to call them, they are now online.

Uber Lube: Coming in next week. (4/6/21)

Squarepeg Toys restock should be coming in this month.


In Store Only:


We came across some older leather stock of ours. Harness, Shorts, and few other surprise pieces that we’re marking down 40%. You can find them on the clearance rack next Monday. (04/05/21)


Guess that’s about it for this go around. As always, misbehave yourselves appropriately.


Things and Stuff,

Uncle John