Update with Uncle John and Trix 4/12/21

Hello Folx!!

We are excited to announce our NEW Loyalty Program! We have completely phased out our various Club discount programs for a program that can keep everyone kinky. Best part, the Loyalty Program works both online and in store.


Here’s how it works.


First: Sign Up!

It’s easy to sign up online while you place your order, in store does have a few steps. If you would like to sign up in-store, please ask any of the floor staff and they will gladly assist you. We also have a form you can fill out in-store and we can put the information in for you and have a link sent over for you to complete your profile.


How the points work?


For every $1 you spend, you will .1 points. Every $10, gets you a full point. Collect 10 points and get $10 off your order. This can be used in store and online. Trust us, those last-minute cleaner/lube errands add up.


Doghouse Profile! We know, Right!


Current Features:

  • See your online past purchases.
  • Know where you’re at on Loyalty points.
  • Curate your very own wish list.
  • Compare Products side by side.



We also now are offering physical gift cards! They are re-usable, durable, and bone shaped!

They can be loaded up with any amount. Currently they are only available to use in-store, with the ability eventually to use them online.

Look for a Blog post From Daddy Jeff on the evolution of Doghouse.


As always, we welcome your feedback on these new features and options. Hit us up on our contact us page.


Happy Tuesday

Trix and Uncle John

Uncle John, Trixs