Stockroom Black Leather Guillotine Hood

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The Guillotine Hood is a stylish and edgy BDSM re-imagining of the dreaded executioners hood worn throughout history. This versatile leather hood can be worn by both master or submissive and has a variety of kinky role play possibilities just waiting to be staged in your own private dungeon.


This Guillotine Hood is made with supple lightweight garment leather and features an abrasion-resistant nylon cord with a drawstring clasp for a secure fit. The only opening in this hood is a series of ten small ½” slits that can be used to look out of or as air openings (depending on how it is worn).


This unique Stockroom creation is certain to inspire dread and awe during your next play session.


Total Length Approximately 23” (Top to Bottom)


One size fits most.


Note: This item is produced in-house by our leather team in Los Angeles.

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