Nazca Plains The Wolf Chronicles II by Alan Weyant

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The eagerly anticipated sequel to the saga of Eric, the tall blonde German master and Wolf, his long-haired Amerindian/Latino slave boy.

The story follows Eric’s long term training of his slave through painful and sadistic tortures, and Wolf’s attempts to endure his master’s trials, even as the bonds of mutual respect and love between the two grow stronger.

The long awaited competition between master and slave in a regional bodybuilding contest is highlighted, along with its unexpected results and even more surprising consequences for both winner and loser.

Old friends and new acquaintances join Eric and Wolf along the way in their journey from just master and slave, to two men who share a much deeper bond of true love, respect and understanding of each other.

Featuring the signature graphic descriptions of the various tortures and torments the slaves have to endure, and a sense of humor as well, The Wolf Chronicles II is a solid follow-up to the original Wolf Chronicles, and is sure to appeal to fans of heavy, painful muscular man to man S+M action.