Slam Dunk

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Slam Dunk is the ultimate penetrating cream developed and thoroughly tested after extensive years of trying dozens of ingredients and combinations. Slam Dunk is a unique blended formula and one of the most amazing creams on the market.
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This long-lasting lube doesn’t dry out like standard water-based lubes yet it’s easier to clean than most oil-based lubes. It’s great for fisting, anal intercourse, or masturbation.


The proprietary formula relaxes without numbing so that both partners receive the highest degree of stimulation and enjoyment.


Forget recipes and trying to mix up batches of J-lube. The right amount of J-lube is already in Slam Dunk. Along with the right amount of Crisco. Plus, Clove Oil, which makes your ass tingly and slightly numb. Ingenious!


  • Oil based NOT compatible with latex condoms
  • Available in 8 oz (237 ml) / 16 oz (473 ml) and 26 oz (769 ml) pots.
  • Also available in an unscented version (No clove oil)