Perfect Fit Brand Ribbed Ring

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Perfect Fit Brand Ribbed Cockring, thick, stretchy, and rugged, this ribbed ring is tight and gives a little extra bulk. As a tight ring, it encourages blood retention in the penis. Easy to use but recommended for a more experienced wearer looking for a higher degree of resistance.

This penis ring is made from a proprietary combination of TPR and silicone, named PFBlend(TM). Firmer and less stretchy than SilaSkin(TM), it still is more elastic than TPR and silicone alone. It is durable and should last longer than softer rings.

This cock ring has a 0.75" internal diameter when not in use and stretches up to a 2.75" internal diameter. It should accommodate all but the meatiest cocks. It is designed to loop once around the penis and underneath the scrotum.

The Ribbed Ring cock ring comes in two different colors to suit your mood: black and ice clear.