Nazca Plains Obsession and Deception By Hank Brooks

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Obsession and Deception By Hank Brooks
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Obsession and Deception
By Hank Brooks

Aaron and Bradley are two lost souls who have been rejected by their parents. Although they have entered into a loving relationship, Aaron is obsessed with his first love, Carl. Aaron loves Carl and Carl only loves himself. Bradley tries hard, but he can't get Aaron to love him back. In spite of the fact that Carl has deceived him on many occasions, Aaron desires only Carl, who uses Aaron's love for his own personal gain. Along the way, Bradley and Aaron develop strong friendships which eventually meld into a bonded family unit. No matter what befalls them, the family is always there to support each other. It takes Aaron years, and a long tough journey, to finally get Carl out of his system.

About the Author

Hank Brooks was born in Brooklyn, NY and lived most of his adult life in and around the New York City area. He is regularly active in SAGE, a senior advocacy group for gay men and women. He has three children and five grandsons. He is a retired CPA, and now lives with his partner, Leo, in Coconut Creek, Florida.