Nazca Plains Master of Masters By Larry Townsend

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Master of Masters By Larry Townsend
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Master of Masters
By Larry Townsend

A heavy action SM space novel originally published in serial form in LT's exclusive private editions. Presented here in a well-coordinated whole, it tells the tale of men turned space out-laws, finally able to practice their exotic sexual rituals without government restraint. They are forced by circumstances to fight the space services of both Empire and...

About the Author

Larry Townsend (27 October 1930 – 29 July 2008) was the American author of dozens of books including Run, Little Leather Boy (1970) and The Leatherman's Handbook (1972), published by pioneer erotic presses such as Greenleaf Classics and the Other Traveler imprint of Olympia Press. Leatherman's Handbook, with illustrations by Sean, was among the first books to popularize BDSM among the general public.