Perfect Fit Brand Master Plug Small Black

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Looking for a comfortable, extended wear butt plug? The Master Plug is perfect for you. Made with our unique two-part molding process, the stem at the base is thin, extremely comfortable, and extraordinarily strong. The flat, curved base contours to your anatomy allowing you to sit on it or wear it for an extended time comfortably.

The Master Plug is designed to be used by itself, with the discreet base preventing it from slipping inside. However, for those who enjoy wearing a strap, we have made this compatible with 0.5" to 0.75" wide bindings, such as a thong, jock strap, or any other kind of fetish clothing.

This butt plug is made of TPR with a Polypropylene inner core, providing superior flexibility and strength. Rigid enough to be effective and stay in place, while flexible for a comfortable fit. Phthalate and latex free.

The Master Plug is available in two different sizes: Small and Medium. The small has an insertion length of 3", and the circumference at the widest point is 4.8". The medium has an insertion length of 3.75”, and circumference at the widest point is 5.7”.

This product is safe to use with water-based lubricants. Not recommended for use with silicone lubricants and not compatible with latex products. Looking for more versatility? Check out our storefront for other great butt plugs, including a wide range of other fun toys to go with it!

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