J Lube Jelly Flask 08 oz

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An ideal all-around lubricant for the rectum, developed by veterinarians for fisting cows. Very Slick! Contains methylcellulose. 8-oz. reusable flask.
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An ideal all-around lubricant for the rectum. J-Jelly is made by the same company that makes J-Lube and contains Methylcellulose.
This incredible male lubricant was originally developed by veterinarians for literally fisting cows and horses. Now, you can enjoy the same benefits. This is the simply the slickest stuff on the planet!

Great for fisting and LARGE dildo play sessions. It is very easy to use as it requires No mixing unlike J-Lube. Simply just squirt and shove it in!

Ingredients: Water, Methyl, parahydroxy, benzoate, Propyl blend.

If you love sloppy slick play sessions…then you are gonna love J-JELLY