LA Pump Isolator Cylinder

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Are you ready for this? The Isolator is a pump cylinder the likes of which you’ve never seen!

Lots of guys like to pump their balls as well as their cock. Until now, the only way to do this was to get a larger cylinder. The LA Pumps “Two Stage” cylinder helped, with a smaller opening that was more comfortable to use. But it still has the same problems as a regular cylinder: your cock and balls are all smashed together in the cylinder, and it’s not really very comfortable and doesn’t provide the effect you really want.

The Isolator solves that problem, and very elegantly! There are two vacuum chambers, one for your cock and one for your balls. Insert your entire package into the main chamber, then guide your cock into the upper chamber. (This can be a bit tricky. Pumping your cock up with a regular cylinder first helps!) Attach your pump to the upper cylinder and pump to expand your cock until if fills the tube. You should have a tight enough fit that the pressure of your cock on the cylinder walls seals the vacuum.

Now attach your pump to the large chamber. Each pump will pull your balls our and away from your body, allowing them to expand freely. The feeling is intense! And the effect is wonderful.


The most important measurement is for the penis chamber. In order for this cylinder to work to its fullest, you must be able to fill the penis chamber from side wall to side wall.

This cylinder will not fit if you are less than seven inches in total, erect length and have a penis and ball circumference of ten inches or above.


  • This product does not include a hand pump or hose. If you do not have a pump already, you will need one of the pumps shown below under “Related Products”. The hose is included with the pump.
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