Perfect Fit Brand Hump Gear

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Enjoy the pleasure of a plug and the feel of penetration with the Perfect Fit Brand Hump Gear Butt Plug, featuring internal ribs which gives a heightened experience to both partners. To use this plug, one partner wears the plug like a sheath and slowly inserts it into the other partner. The large nub, just above the base, goes all the way in. Once in, the nub acts as an anchor to hold it in place, allowing the top to enjoy the experience knowing it won't come out and the bottom to enjoy the feel of the plug. The Hump Gear makes your member feel wider and longer so the bottom can last longer.

The receiver will enjoy extra girth and extra length with no friction. Internal ribbing is pleasurable for both partners and is designed for extended sessions. The velvety texture is as close to real skin as we could get it.

The Hump Gear Penetration Butt Plug comes in either black or clear.

Choose from Standard or X-Large to get the ideal fit, or, train yourself or your partner to gradually receive larger plugs.

Standard: 6” insertable length, 2.25” interior circumference

X-Large: 6.5” insertable length, 2.4” interior circumference

The interior stretches to fit most wearers.

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