Nazca Plains Escape From Purgatory by Mark James

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Nineteen year old Kyle didn't mean to crash the deadliest top secret weapon on the planet. When he hacks into the Array, a top secret government project, and lands in Purgatory Prison, he becomes JT's cell mate. JT is big, black, nearly all muscle, and oh yes, he's a prize winning Prisoner Gladiator. As JT falls in love, Kyle's secrets begin to take over the gladiator's life. The smuggler who agreed to get JT out of Purgatory pulls the plug. Tyrone, JT's biggest rival, forces JT to humiliate him in a gladiator Dark Game over Kyle. Father Matthew, Purgatory's Warden, uses Kyle against JT to force him to sign a Consent Form for a Guardian Chip. Escape From Purgatory follows the adventures of Kyle and his gladiator lover, JT as they run the harrowing gauntlet of Tyrone's plans for revenge, outwit Matthew's sly plot, and risk their lives in an escape so dangerous, they'll have to cheat death to survive.

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