Stockroom CB3000 Complete Package

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The CB-3000 Complete Package is a male chastity device designed specifically for men looking for a fit somewhere between the CB-2000 and the Curve. The careful design allows for it to be worn with the utmost confidence and discretion. With several rings to choose from for a more personal fit the CB-3000 is lightweight and comfortable. The vented slots allow for excellent hygiene, easy bathing and drying. Use a silicone based lubricant to ensure movement and comfort. If properly lubricated and cleaned you should be able to wear the CB-3000 night and day indefinitely—or until the key holder allows you to come out and play.


The CB-3000 comes in a zippered pouch with the cage, rings, locking pins, spacers, padlock and keys.


Safety, Care and Usage For best results clean your CB-3000 with warm water and soap. While wearing clean yourself and CB-3000 with soap and water. Lubricate to allow penis to move comfortably while wearing the CB-3000.

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