Burly Shirts - Stumptown Brawlers Black

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Burly Shirts Stumptown Brawlers is printed in faded orange on black Next Level Apparel Tee's or similar.

Design © Brendan McWeeney 2023

From Burly Shirts "Unleash the fighter within by donning the Stumptown Brawlers Fight Club Tee. This isn’t any ordinary shirt; it’s a design woven with the grit and spirit of a sacred space nestled among ancient redwoods. The Stumptown Brawler legacy was born in a humble garage, where valiant souls gather to forge their mettle, bravery, and resolve.

The club originated from the vision of a reclusive warrior named, ‘Hammer.' His vision: a sanctuary where men could harness their raw power, transforming the primal dance of combat into a visceral art and catalyst for growth.

This tee is a tribute to that indomitable spirit that lives in all of us. It is for those who understand the paradox of controlled chaos and walk the path of the peaceful warrior. It is for those who appreciate the deep bond that forms in battle and those who aim to become better fighters and better men.

Wear it as a banner of pride and awaken the warrior within. Why fight yourself? Become a Stumptown Brawler."