Blood Fever

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"Blood Fever" is a series of tales where tops become bottoms, macho jocks become submissive, cyber holds hidden sexual dangers and, mind control sometimes plays out in an erotic age regression. A hunky Latino baseball player finds that his request to be the 'top dog' over his equally sexy Mid-Western team captain plays out differently than he anticipated when he hires a doctor to give them both some 'attitude adjustments'. A sexy 'top' reporter meets a leather-man who shows him the ropes while in another tale an uncle arranges for his athletic and aggressively heterosexual young nephew to receive some corrective 'counseling'. A young stud marine discovers new meaning in the term 'the making of a marine' and some homo hating pro-jocks find their 'inner child'.

Readers beware for in this world 'players' get 'played', an Olympic swimmer learns new strokes and, even an expert writer of mind control who thinks he's tops can find a hidden modification lurks just in sight for him! Finally, in the realm of the supernatural a buffed go-go boy discovers that if you take a stroll in the woods with a nerd who suddenly sprouts hair you just may end up 'Howling Under a Full Moon'. To round off the journey we end with an erotic tale from a vampire as he travels the ages to a surprising conclusion.

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