Nazca Plains Blacknblue Tavern : Book II by Dan Carroll

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When this group of men met and discovered their differences as well as their commonalities, they realized that they had formed a sort of family like none other. Even though they all loved to fight and wrestle, they knew deep down that there was more to each of them than just the fights. Now that the threat of Matilda and Ed has come to an abrupt end with her untimely death, the men of the BlackNBlue Tavern settle down into their respective relationships and their connection with each other. Suddenly, however, they find themselves threatened once again only this time the threat is not only against the bar but against all of them as well. Add to that an unlikely new member of their group and revelations about certain past events and Fist, CJ and the others realize it's time to band together again and prevent the oncoming danger from destroying not only the bar, but themselves as well! How do they solve the new threats? What happens to them when they discover the real truth...

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