MyStim Adaptor Wire - Snap Fasteners (Female) to 2mm Plug Junctions

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Bringing German craftsmanship to electro-sex technology is what Mystim does best. And the e-stim pioneer makes sure to provide the tools to let its machinery interact with those of other manufacturers.

When you use one of their controllers or e-stim devices, it’s wise to have a variety of wiring accessories available to ensure all your toys are compatible. With these high-quality cables and adapters, you’ll always have the hookup. Mystim puts the power in your hands.

This smart adaptor lets you connect the 2mm electrodes powered by your Mystim e-stim controller, such as the Tension Lover or Pure Vibes, to the sturdy snap fasteners used in Mystim devices like Magic Gloves or Charming Chuck.

Product Details:

• Configuration: Snap fasteners (f) to 2mm plug junctions (f)

• Total length: 16cm

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