KINK TUG Nipple Clips/Heavy Weights

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KINK TUG Nipple Clips/Heavy Weights

Aggressively pleasurable and definitely designed with the more advanced nipple play connoisseur in mind, the Kink collection presents the Tug. Heavily weighted courtesy of a .20lb metal swinger with lots of attached chain, each classic clamp pinches and pulls as the wight tugs and twists from below.

Completely adjustable tension-wise, the simple silicone tipped alligator clamps tightens and release with a twist for easy adjustment at any point during play.  In rugged metal plus smooth silicone, the Tug is extremely receptive to temperature- place it in the fridge before play for a chilly tingle, or heat in some warm water.

* Approximately 25 inches (63.5cm) in total length.

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