Alternative S. Books: SPEAK! The Fabulous Puppy Play Cookbook by Anne Bryne

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Welcome puppahs! First, SIT! Good pup. Now listen up because we have something just for you. We know that you may not like to read but DON’T TEAR UP THIS BOOK! It’s got important stuff in it: TREATS! Do we have your attention now? We know how much you love to mosh and wiggle your tail, what’s better than wholesome yumminess in your soft little bellies for all that hard work you do to make Handler happy?

After all, it’s not all about fetching slippers and car rides. When out at play parties, munchies, potlucks and events, have you ever wondered WHERE ARE THE BONES? Wonder no more, we have your answer, here inside Speak!. We’ve developed tasty treat recipes using amazing ingredients that will keep you begging for more.  Even better these treats are fine to fix and feed your four legged pup friends as well. You’ve been such a good pup and such a good listener. Now – GO BAKE!

Author: Anne Bryne

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