Nazca Plains Protocol Handbook for the Leather Slave : Theory and Practice by Robert J. Rubel PhD.

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While recognizing that every Master creates individualized protocols for a slave, this book is an example of a real protocol manual in a real-life situation. The content is virtually the same as the content for "Protocol Manual for the Female slave," except while that book assumes that the Master is male and that the slave is female, this book is gender-neutral.

So, if you're a Female Master with either a male or female slave, this is the better book of the two for you to buy. This guide demonstrates a range of ways for a slave to express love for his/her Master through action. In this case, actions include ways of standing, sitting and speaking (ways of being) as well as ways of preparing things to please Master in a consensual "Master/slave" relationship.

The book covers formal Leather protocols as well as a range of personal rituals, such as formal dinner service. As much as anything else, this is a book of etiquette and service within the Leather-BDSM culture.

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