Wag Tail-X-Large-from SquarePeg Toys

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Wag Puppy Tail X-Large from Square Peg Toys. Comes in Black!

The most researched toy in the SquarePeg line. What you see here is now the Fourth generation of puppyTail and what amounts to the most researched toy in the SquarePeg line. My commitment to deliver the best toy possible with no gimmicks is really evident in the puppyTail. Completely redesigned from scratch for 2010, pups tell me v3.0 was the best tail they’ve ever owned, this one is sure to exceed expectations. Beware of knock-offs! If it’s not from one of my select retailers it’s not authentic.

Unlike the previous generation, which wagged predominately up and down, the 4.0 has 360 degree responsiveness. The tail itself is lithe and holds itself up perfectly with a little upward curl, giving you the maximum projection. The whole tail works together to transmit motion dynamically all the way out to the tip, I call it my “Wag Factor”. Only SquarePeg has this technology built into each and every tail, each one going through an intensive 3 day production process to get it all to work just right. And SquarePeg uses Platinum grade silicone for strength, longevity and bio-compatibility.

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