Vibe Rite Personal Massager 7 Speed

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Other items may resemble this classic vibrating massager, but this one has a few unique features guaranteed to put more smiles on your face.  7 speed setting lets you find your sweet spot along a full spectrum of sensations, ranging from soft, seductive pulse to a powerful throb.  Cordless design prevents the hassle of being tangled in power cords or trapped next to an electrical outlet.  Rechargeable so you don’t need to buy and fumble with expensive batteries.  Extra long battery life, allows for long lasting pleasure.  Bendable neck so you can put it right where you need it.  Lasts up to 40 minutes on highest setting when fully charged.  Soft silicone head is phthalate-free; hypoallergenic; and easy to clean.  Try it with out VibeRite® Personal Massager attachments for a variety of different sensations!

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