The Marketplace

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“The Marketplace” takes you on a long overdue trip to one of the world’s most exciting destinations: the huge slave markets of Brazil’s largest city. Bob Cranston, a hardworking handsome young cell phone component manufacturer from Philadelphia fulfills a long time goal by buying into a package deal to visit Rio de Janeiro to see the sights and with the goal of replacing his paid employees with cheap Brazilian slaves to cut his costs below those of his competitors. At the huge slave markets in Rio, he meets Ramon d’Salvantio, a stunningly beautiful man who owns Brazil’s largest slave breeding farm and thousands of marketable slaves. Ramon and Bob bond instantly and soon Ramon has arranged all the work slaves he needs plus some handsome bucks for Bob’s own pleasure. When all looks perfect, Ramon betrays his newfound friend, buys out Bob’s industry and all his debt-ridden assets in Philadelphia and Bob suddenly finds himself yet another one of Ramon’s slave properties. “This is Bill Smith at his best;” “My very favorite slave story;” “The most erotic tale I’ve ever read;” “At last, an erotic tale with a tight story line and real characters.”

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