SiliPlug 1/Piss Plug from OXBALLS

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Tired of stuffing dicks and dildos in your ass? Bored sucking dick? Looking for another hole to use and stuff? How about stuffing a slick smooth silicone piss-plug in your meat-hole?

OXBALLS, (those dirty L.A. pigs), have come up with another sick design that’ll change the way you use your meat. Smoother, a bigger base for better grip…a much improved MEATPLUGSIL-PLUG-1 is a flexible, silicone piss-plug made from medical grade platinum cure silicone that stretches and bends…metal plugs are hot as hell, but a silicone plug will form to fit your piss-tube, it’ll stay put while you stroke…and silicone warms up fast and feels like your own skin.

Use only sterile waterbased or medical lube and slide these little fuckers in….or for more advanced you can fuck your pisshole with ’em. Wash and sterilize before each use… The colors are hot as hell: Black, Zink metallic, Red a cool translucent Alien Blue.

  • Made in USA

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Weight .80 lbs

Black, Blue, Red, Zinc