Juicy Duo Pumper from OXBALLS

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Nothin’ is sexier than a beefy, bloated dick danglin’ between a pair of furry thighs…and with our new two-in-one cock and ball separator, JUICY DUO, your junk never looked fatter.

JUICY DUO is made from blubbery silicone so it’s super stretchy and soft, perfect for creating a tight vacuum seal.

JUICY DUO’s fleshy base and fat lips feel awesome squeezin’ and suckin’ your junk while you pump…not to mention, the unique design pushes your bloated dick and balls out for an obscene bulge in your favorite jock or skintight gear.

To wear JUICY DUO, stretch one opening over your hog and pull your nuts through the other. Now you can wear a pumping cylinder on your cock or balls…or both, for twice the plumpin’ n’ pumpin’ action…

Your swollen meat n’ potatoes will look hot as fuck spillin’ out over the fat lips of JUICY DUO.

Made in USA

Pure Platinum Cure Silicone

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Weight .64 lbs

Black, Blue