Happy Hour Plug from SquarePegToys®

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Designed in a pseudo-phallic shape for comfort, base is narrow to fit better between the cheeks for long term wear. This is a great 3 in 1 toy, penetration-stretch-plug, to use as your mood suits you. Be sure to note the max circumference which is the bulb size, which is fairly substantial for such a (relatively) small plug.

Redone for 2015 with slimmer bases and slightly longer necks for even more comfortable long term wear.

The rectal lining is designed by nature to absorb so if you don’t splurge on silicone for most toys, do so at least for your plugs to avoid toxicity.

S2 Height 5.3″ • Max Circ 5″ Height 13cm • Max Circ 12.5cm
S4 Height 6″ • Max Circ 6″ Height 15cm • Max Circ 15.5cm
S6 Height 6.25″ • Max Circ 6.9″ Height 16cm • Max Circ 18cm
SMALL Height 7.4″ • Max Circ 8.2″ Height 19cm • Max Circ 20.3cm
MEDIUM Height 7.8″ • Max Circ 9.4″ Height 19.5cm • Max Circ 24cm
LARGE Height 9.5″ • Max Circ 10.2″ Height 24cm • Max Circ 26cm
EXTRA LARGE Height 8.3″ • Max Circ 11″ Height 21cm • Max Circ 28cm
MONSTER Height 9.6″ • Max Circ 12″ Height 24.5cm • Max Circ 30cm

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs

Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze, SuperSoft Graphite


S2, S4, S6, Small, Medium, Large, XL, MONSTER