Glow Cross Harness from Breedwell

$140.00 Sales Tax

The Glow Cross Harness combines the look of a leather chest harness with metal rings with the Breedwell Glow Lighting system. Now you can light up the night in the sexiest harness around, get ready to look balls-deep dirty!



Like all Breedwell harnesses, the Glow Cross Harness is also sweat proof, adjustable, and USB rechargeable. It attaches with metal snaps and has their own unique LED lighting system attached.
The harness has 4 individual batteries and includes 4 USB charging cables.
ONE SIZE (fits a 36-49 inch chest)
Optional cock ring attachment sold separately
REMEMBER: It takes only 2 hours to recharge a BREEDWELL harness to full capacity, which means up to 6-8  hours of non-stop glow in solid or flashing mode. Also remember not to overcharge the batteries as it will weaken the batteries over time, Once the light turns green you can remove the charging cables and you’re ready to go.

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Weight .5 lbs

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Rainbow