FleshJack Pink JackAss Vortex

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Send yourself tumbling through spirals of sensual and sexual satisfaction, with the FleshJack Pink Jack Ass Vortex masturbation device for gay men. The FleshJack Pink Jack Ass Vortex comes in the classic black FleshJack container, making for easy use and convenient and discreet storage. Unscrew the cap to reveal a sumptuous, smooth and firm butt for your caresses and visual enjoyment. Part the supple cheeks to find the tight anal entrance, then plunge within to sample ultra tight, back door delights. The Vortex inner texture provides you with amazing thrills as you enjoy your length being massaged to climax. Enjoy 4 inner chambers of suction and spirals, and squeeze past dramatic ridges designed to tip you over that orgasmic edge. The pink and supple Pink Jack Ass Vortex masturbation sleeve is made from ultra realistic and patented Superskin material which is body safe, non toxic and phthalates free. This sleeve is also removable for easy and thorough cleaning after use. Completely waterproof and compatible with water based lubricants. Case length 10 inches, sleeve length 9 inches, canal diameter: 0.5 inches

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