Electro Erotic Neon Wand Accessory Kit

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Neon Wand Electrode Accessory Kit Purple 8 different glass attachment. The kit color refers to the color of the light glowing in the glass electrodes. Electro erotic accessory kit contains: one cloud attachment, one helix comb attachment, one condenser attachment, one dali attachment, one live wire, one mushroom, one pinwheel and one tongue attachment. The Neon Wand Electrode Accessory Kit is the kit to have for the electro play connoisseur. Wand enthusiasts will definitely wants to add this beautiful addition into their collection. This amazing kit features eight high quality exclusive electrodes for the discerning player. This ideal set is what you get for the electro fetishist who has everything. Spark some sexual fantasy with this gorgeous set, each piece a work of art. The fashionable orange glow makes a statement and sets it apart from the standard violet color in other electrode sets.

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