Electra-Ring Solid Metal Cockring from ElectraStim

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Mix and match your cock rings for a tailored electrosex experience that offers a snug and satisfying fit. The uni-polar ElectraRings can be worn anywhere along your shaft or around your cock and balls, allowing you to customise your electro-sex experience to suit your tastes. Each uni-polar electro cock ring has a single 2mm input, allowing you to connect it to any of the ElectraStim stimulators.

Choose a combination of any 2 rings to enjoy electro-sex tingles and orgasmic contractions throughout your full length or wear a single ring with any other uni-polar electrode to vary your play. You can even share a circuit with your partner for rhythmic sensations you feel everywhere you touch. However you choose to wear these single cockrings you can expect powerful contractions and intense tingles that can bring some men to climax with no other stimulation required.

Use with conductive gel for the best sensations.

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Weight .10 lbs

32mm, 34mm, 46mm, 48mm