Comfort Master Padded Canvas Sling

$130.00 Sales Tax


Imagine your favorite premium foam mattress support and luxury, but in your sling instead of your bed. It’s un-fucking-believable!

Doesn’t need a pillow. Comfortable for hours and hours. Amazing for massive hole work.

Has all the best features of our Deluxe Canvas Sling along with a plush foam core.

You won’t want to get out!


• Nylon Strap Frame. • Two Layers of Premium Heavyweight 12 oz Black Cotton Duck Canvas. • Deluxe High Density Two-Inch Foam Padding Wrapped in a Water Tight Plastic Barrier. • Triple-Stitched Edges. • Double-Looped Corners. • Chrome Plated Steel Rings. • Large Back Zipper Opening for Easy Foam Removal.

Dimensions: 22 x 36 inches.

To clean, remove the foam, pre-treat tough spots on the canvas, then throw the sling in the washer inside a pillow case.

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Weight 4.40 lbs