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I drove along the street, keeping an eye out for the address my friend had given me. It was a lazy Friday afternoon, so there wasn’t too much traffic. Against all the odds, there was apparently a fairly awesome sex shop hidden along this quiet-looking street. I eventually found it and was immediately impressed by its concealment — merely an unassuming street number on the front of a normal looking building — none of the usual flashing lights and gaudy signs that usually denoted this type of shop. Underground off-street parking was also available, obviously for those people who make themselves stand out more before they enter sex shops by frantically looking left and right before entering one. I turned into the parking lot and was surprised at the number of cars already down there; clearly, this place had very good word of mouth. I entered the front of the store and that was pretty much where the subtle and muted tones ended. Right at the front of the store was a cage with a dude in it. I stopped and watched for a while, not that the guy would know, of course; he was fairly occupied. His head was encased in a tight rubber hood — no eye or mouth holes, and only two small tubes for the nose. He was breathing heavily through these and causing a faint whistling noise; a heavy collar around his neck with ‘D’ rings on the sides looked like they were for securing busy hands. This wasn’t necessary because he was in a rubber strait jacket. I admired the shiny material that was obviously rather strong, because this lad had a handsome, muscular build. He was naked below the waist except for his ankles, which were bound together by some ankle restraints and a cb3000, which was doing a good job of containing a monster cock. The cock was a very uncomfortable looking purple color. The cage had a padded bottom and was wide enough to allow him to rock onto his side, but not wide enough to let him roll all the way over. He would be very comfortable if he was lying still; instead, he was frantically bucking his hips and struggling against the restraints of the jacket. It was fun to watch for a while, but the rest of the shop was putting out a siren call that I could no longer resist, so I ventured further back. The shop was very impressive. There was a path down the middle, with very defined mannequins dressed in an assortment of whatever was down the line of shelves they stood in front of.

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