Bound to Murder and Other Rough Tales

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A hot shot quarterback on his way to a feminine date takes a shortcut through a deserted stadium tunnel to save time but when he interrupts a heavy sex scene between a sub and his master he finds himself unwillingly drafted as the new actor for a ticked off leather master. Two men learn the dangers of the internet as one becomes fascinated then overwhelmed into sexual slavery through a series of email exchanges while another stud revels in his cyber humiliation on cam before a viewer who in the end blows his mind. Straight cops and their submission. In this book we meet two: one a young rookie whose investigation of deviant sex takes its toll; another where an arresting officer gets a lesson in arrests from his prisoner. Join a military doctor as he collects some special military Berets and the studs who wear them or a swaggering homo-hating Olympic gold medal wrestler who loses his smug arrogance and his butt to a crew of weaker gay men on the mat. Take one rising sexy married young star in politics combine with a sexier lawyer and throw in a seductive hustler who loves rough sex. Add a dash of a nasty sex game gone awry and you have one dead, one arrested, and one fighting for a defense against a political establishment that wants to nail this closet door shut. A journey into homicide and politics coupled with hard-edged SM/SD sex that shows all three men that a walk into rough trade can be an experience that is "Bound to Murder"

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