Boot CockRing from OXBALLS

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Are you a bootpig? Does the sight of a stud in some sexy shit-kickers get your Levis tentin’? If you answered yes to any of the following…you’re gonna fuckin’ love our new BOOT COCKRING.

BOOT is rendered after a pair of Wesco boots down to the realistic stitching and laces; this fucker even has a pebbled texture that looks just like leather.

BOOT is made from our signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so it’s super stretchy n’ soft…molds to fit your meat like a second skin.

Best of all, BOOT is a snap to clean and doesn’t get that funky smell that leather or neoprene cockrings start to develop overtime.

Have your boy worship your boots then work his way up to your fat slab of drippin’ meat…

Made in the USA

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Weight .22 lbs

Black, Copper