Bon 4 plus Combo Pack-Male Chastity

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The Bon 4 consists of two major parts, the cage and a base ring. What makes the Bon 4 unique is the connecting band which connects from the tip of the cage and wraps around the ball sack to the bottom of the base ring. This makes the Bon 4 very secure, there’s no way you’re sliding out of this device. Both the rings and cage are made of flexible, high quality silicone, and the cage contains 3 holes at the tip for urinating as well as ventilation. The Bon 4 Plus Set I received comes with the regular 3.46″ cage and larger 4.33″ Bon 4 L cage, as well as 4 different sized base rings measuring 1.57″, 1.73″, 1.88″, and 2.04″ inside diameter. It also comes with 4 plastic belts and locking pins, 2 metal padlock and key, and 10 individually numbered plastic ID locks. All of this neatly fits in the included embroidered suede carrying bag.

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