A Harvest of G.O.L.D.: Leather Bikers On The Prowl

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Roaring down the highway on their cycles, the men of G.O.L.D. are a fearsome bunch. Clad in heavy Leather motorcycle jackets, studded gloves, pants with bulging crotches, and shitkicking boots, the Gods of Leather Discipline are on the prowl for their annual harvest of young men. Potential candidates are being sought as submissives for their personal pleasures. The Club members are cruising bars, prowling in alleys, and even snatching handsome young men out of a cop car or from a front yard. Hitchhikers and hustlers beware- after initially struggling with them, you might find yourself tied to a post at the Club, naked, ready to receive a cock up your ass or down your throat. Willing or unwilling, the successful candidate must pass the four nights of endurance which intimately involve a boy’s worthy talents. G.W. Leatherman Parks takes you into the G.O.L.D. Clubhouse for a night-by-night description of the activities which follow the journey of seven young subs and their twelve Sirs. If you’re a submissive, would you survive the initiation rites, only to be further educated by a hot LeatherMaster? Test your endurance in this novel of hot Leather action filled with rockhard cocks, cumfilled asses, and hungry mouths.

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