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Making Leather Gear
By Daddy Wendell

All of the gear in this book can be made without a sewing machine and with a minimal set of tools that fit inside a book bag. If you make your own gear, you can save a considerable amount of money – a piece of gear that sells for $120 in a leather store would take an hour and $20 worth of leather and hardware to make. Inside, you'll find examples of basic leather working tools and techniques for using them, how to cut a hide into straps, how to apply grommets, rivets and snaps. Patterns and instructions for making wrist/bicep band, belt, Sam Browne belt, two kinds of bondage belt, suspenders, bondage cuffs, hogtie straps, D ring collar, locking buckle collar, leash, chest harness, stockings, head harness, strapon harness, seven gates of hell and braided handle floggers.

About the Author

I've taught workshops at International Ms Leather, International LeatherSir, Folsom Street Fair Weekend (at Femina Potens Gallery,) Mister Leather Toronto, The Floating World, Kinkfest, Leather Reign, NW Leather Celebration, Paradise, The Wet Spot and Seattle Men in Leather's Equinox.

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